Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our seedier side. . .

Hi there,

We are a happily married couple (15yrs+) with 3 kids, dog, cat, and not a lot of free time (sound familiar?). I am Mr Seedy, the Mrs will hopefully be chiming in from time to time.

I started this blog after reading a few other "adult [couples] type blogs" and realized it would be a good forum to share a little bit about us (or a lot...). We have a pretty decent sex life considering the obstacles. Our bedroom door has a lock on it, something that has contributed to a healthy sex life. We have one room (well two if you count the adjoining master bathroom) to retreat to.

We have a lot of photos of us (well, mostly of Mrs Seedy) taken over the years. We started on film before we were married, taking the occasionally risque shot from time to time. The film days were always fun, it was a bit of a crap shoot in getting them developed, would we get the actual photos or a note saying "we are unable to develop photos of a mature nature...". Digital has certainly helped.

I have no idea where this will go. Hopefully this [blog] will be a nice addition to our seedier side offering us a forum to share our experiences with other like-minded couples (and/or individuals). We are NOT a 'life-style' couple, though there is always the fantasy of inviting another person/s into the bedroom (or other exotic location), it remains just that, a fantasy.

As luck would have it, our archive of photos is not quite accessible at the moment. I have recently switched computers, leaving the porn archive on the older PC with a plan of moving it at some point 'soon'. I have tried to do a Windows XP Install Repair (booting from the original CD) only to find that the repair utility cannot find any Hard Drives on the computer (it will start to boot fine, boot from a Hard drive...). It looks like I have to do some digging to get that computer back online.

Until then, I will have to be creative or get Mrs Seedy to pose for a new shot (which is not usually all that hard to do).

(Update) After battling it out with XP for a while, I was able to get the old computer to boot.  I am in the process of copying the "Porn Vault" over to the Mac.  There is a lot of stuff out here, I think a large amount is from hi-res (avi) movies that would be fine as mpegs (and save a lot of space and time copying).

(Update to the update) Have a fresh image from today, Mrs Seedy had just come out of the shower and I had the camera & tripod all set up.

Now that the restoration business is behind me, I can get onto some of the good stuff. . .

We are getting that hot sticky weather, last night, Mrs Seedy had gone to bed topless (which is normal) with the fans going full blast.  She was on her stomach when I came to bed and I couldn't resist the soft glow of her body as I entered the room.  There's something about this woman in particular that really turns me on (see, I can write stuff like that because I know she will read it and blush, good brownie points you know).  I stripped down and decided to have a little fun with her back.  I know all her buttons,  she really likes light touches and blowing a cool breath on various spots.  I lightly traced my fingers down her spine, stopping to lightly kiss and blow on her from time to time.  I knew she wasn't sleeping as she was tensing and giving me a little moan from time to time.  I continued to cool her back for a few minutes before climbing over her and settling in.  Though it was sexual in nature, my intent wasn't necessarily sex (it really was too hot for that).

I put the AC in today, this heat crap is for the birds.  Cool AC on her nipples ought to make for a nice evening.